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Extension & Raised Decking

For this job in Castleton, the customer requested a garden room extension with a raised decking and space underneath for a dog shower. 

The old double doors to the property were removed and the subsequent opening securely boarded over while building work commenced. 

Foundations were laid, before our team of bricklayers built the inner and outer skins of the building. 

Our Carpenters then installed the new windows and doors before getting to work on the flat roof. 

After the structural carcassing of the roof was completed, it was then covered with a fiberglass resin, giving a completely waterproof surface, guaranteed to last. 

A velux was installed to give the room some more natural light. 

Work then began on the raised decking, with post driven deep into the ground to provide a solid foundation .

Our carpenters then set to work constructing the decked area, in a bespoke shape that compliments the natural surroundings.

A staircase was then designed and built on site as per the customers requirements, before handrails were installed with tension steel cable barriers, to minimise obstruction of the fantastic views. 

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