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Loft Conversion

For this project, the customer wanted their old, unused loft space converting into somewhere guests could stay, with two bedrooms, a kitchen space and a shower room. 

First, the building had to be reroofed, with new purlins in some areas, as the old ones had bowed significantly over the years. 

After the re-roofing, structural support was added to the floor and the old staircase was removed (The gradient of the old stairs was far too steep for safe passage). 

While the work was being carried out on site by our Carpenters, our Bench Joiners were busy in the workshop manufacturing the custom, winding staircase.

An opening was created, and the bespoke staircase was installed on site by our Carpenters. 

New doors & windows including velux's were installed, the wood floor was laid and the eaves were studded off, with small doors giving access to storage space.

The oak worktopped kitchen and bathroom were constructed and the whole conversion was decorated and carpets fitted.  

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